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James Peterson
Forest Cape Insurance

"The Insurance Times is a great source of information for us. We can make good use of all articles we find here. They're all interesting and relevant, which is great because we don't have many sites as this one in the Internet."

Cynthia Umney

"Finally, a site where I can stay up to date on my best insurance options and things to be aware of, that is written for a general audience. The Insurance Times is very easy to follow and to understand. I've found here great ways to pay less and get a better coverage."

Theresa Johnson

"I enjoy reading the articles at The Insurance Times as soon as they are published. They help me stay up to date and here I can even learn about significant events in the insurance area of which I might never find out otherwise."


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We are a news portal dedicated to the insurance market and all relevant events surounding it. We research and present the most significant news regarding insurance policies, companies, frauds and opportunities for customers. The Insurance Times is aimed to both insurance providers and consumers. We are meant to be an integral source of information so you can stay up to date no matter where, no matter when.

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However, they all write in a very clear and very informative style, so it will be easy for you to understand the artciles even if you're not int he insurance business. This is the reason why our news are so useful to customers of any insurance company, as well as first-timers who are looking to hire an agency for the first time. With the information that you find in our blog, you can make the best choice. We will tell you about special offers, tips to save on your insurance, top providers, and online, free access tools that you can use to find and hire the best provider at the most convenient price.

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